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Meet Kathy

Kathy Wallace-Phelps is a life-long Southern Californian, raised in Monrovia, CA.  She taught elementary children and high school English and Journalism students for more than 25 years but always yearned to express the art in her soul. 


Her great love of photography was unveiled as she traveled through a world of deserts, foothills, and camping adventures, creating a photography catalog of thousands of wildflowers, shorebirds, and architectural landmarks. 


She has got that special eye, which blossomed the moment she took her 1st picture with a little red plastic camera in the 3rd grade. Loving the view of the world through the camera lens, she has a way of capturing people and nature and of finding simple beauty in the aftermath of mother nature’s transitions. Always saying, “There is so much pleasure in what I do, as each piece of work is like gaining a friend.”


But with the pandemic and the sudden quarantine, she could not travel and began to look for another way to create.  Days after turning 70 and confined to home, Kathy took the leap of becoming a first-time painter, using her wealth of photos as subjects.  Painting became a creative obsession that has opened even wider her opportunity to share nature's wonders. 


Please come and share her path of discovery through her presentation of works.  

Yosemite, Ahwanee Hotel through Lacy Ice
Dewy leaf at Butchart Gardens, British C
Acrylic        Green Heron from El Dorad
Haystack Rock, Cannon Beach, Oregon, as
Acrylic      Ginko leaves from Huntingto
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